Be Careful What you Practice, You may get Really Good at the Wrong Thing!

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Be Careful What you Practice, You may get Really Good at the Wrong Thing!

I’m sure you’ve watched videos of real violence. Have you ever noticed this: Trained people rarely display the complex motor skills from their martial training; technique goes out of the window and if they survived they resorted to and reverted … Continue reading

Self Defense Classes for Women

Self Defense Classes for Women Self-defense is necessary for everyone, but it takes on a particular urgency for women due to the disproportionate rates of violence, harassment, and assault they may face. Here are some reasons why self-defense is essential … Continue reading

Understanding the Basics of Self-Defense

Self-defense is a crucial skill that everyone should be familiar with to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. This edition aims to cover the fundamental concepts of self-defense, equipping individuals with the knowledge needed to enhance their personal safety. Understanding … Continue reading

Self-Defense and Firearms Expert for Women – Paxton Quigley

http://YouTube Video from Women’s Expert Paxton Quigley It is important for women to learn self-defense and firearms training for several reasons: Personal Safety: Knowing self-defense techniques and firearms training can empower women to protect themselves in dangerous situations. It enhances … Continue reading