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We Provide Training in Active Shooter Awareness, Self-defense, Firearms training, and Situational Awareness

Scott Hills is a highly skilled and certified instructor and coach in various self-defense disciplines. With a comprehensive background in law enforcement and extensive training in active shooter response, self-defense techniques, firearms handling, and situational awareness, Scott brings a wealth of expertise to his classes.

Hailing from Mantua, Ohio, Scott earned a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Akron. He then embarked on a career in law enforcement, working as a criminal investigator for the Summit County (Akron, Ohio) Prosecutor’s office. As part of his law enforcement journey, Scott underwent rigorous training at The Ohio Police Academy and was deputized by the Summit County Sheriff’s Department.

During his time with the Medway Enforcement Group, a state and multiple counties-backed drug enforcement agency, Scott served as an Undercover Narcotic Agent. His experience included receiving specialized training from the esteemed Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA Federal Drug Enforcement) and participating in tactical firearm classes conducted by various law enforcement agencies.

One of Scott’s primary focuses is teaching self-defense techniques that rely on hand-to-hand combat rather than weapons. This approach is based on the principles and techniques employed by law enforcement professionals, ensuring practical and proven methods that can be easily learned by anyone. Scott emphasizes the importance of situational awareness and close-quarters combat skills since statistics show that approximately 86% of all attacks occur within six feet.

To help students develop muscle memory and effectively defend themselves in real-life situations, Scott incorporates repetitive training exercises into his classes. To simulate the weight and feel of a real firearm without the associated risks, he utilizes an inert firearm called SIRT from Next Level Training.

Aside from his expertise in self-defense, Scott has a diverse athletic background. He played collegiate football and later transitioned into a role as a College Strength Coach, training athletes in football, basketball, and baseball. He has also participated in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and martial arts, including competitive martial arts tournaments. His varied experiences have contributed to his well-rounded approach to self-defense training.

Beyond teaching self-defense privately, Scott offers group classes in various settings, including homes and facilities designated for group training. His classes cover a wide range of topics, such as Active Shooter Training, Home Invasion Training, Self-Defense Classes, and Firearms Training. Scott is well-equipped with a variety of pads and equipment to accommodate group sessions effectively. Additionally, he goes above and beyond by offering personalized 1-on-1 training at no extra cost, ensuring each student receives the attention they need to enhance their skills.

To inquire about Scott’s self-defense classes or to schedule a session, he can be contacted at 239-333-9292 or via email at scott@scotthills.com.

In summary, Scott Hills is a highly qualified self-defense instructor and coach with extensive law enforcement experience, certified training in various disciplines, and a passion for teaching practical techniques that have been proven effective. His classes cater to individuals and groups, providing specialized training in self-defense, firearms, and active shooter response, all while emphasizing the importance of situational awareness and close-quarters combat skills. With his diverse background in athletics and personal protection, Scott brings a unique and comprehensive approach to self-defense training.


Active Shooter Training: Active shooter incidents have unfortunately become a prevalent threat in today’s society. Active shooter training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively and survive such high-stress situations. This training teaches techniques like lockdown procedures, evacuation plans, and strategies for confronting or evading an active shooter. By being prepared and knowing how to react, individuals can increase their chances of survival and protect themselves and others.

Self-Defense Training: Self-defense training is essential for everyone, as it empowers individuals to protect themselves in various situations. It focuses on teaching practical techniques for countering physical attacks, utilizing both physical and mental strategies. Self-defense training enhances confidence, situational awareness, and the ability to assess potential threats. By learning self-defense, individuals can better defend themselves and potentially avoid dangerous situations altogether.

Situational Awareness Training: Situational awareness is a critical skill that can prevent or mitigate potential threats. It involves being observant of one’s surroundings, identifying potential risks, and making informed decisions based on the available information. Situational awareness training enhances perception, threat recognition, and the ability to react swiftly and effectively. By developing this skill, individuals can stay alert, make safer choices, and respond appropriately to changing circumstances.

Firearms Training: Firearms training is vital for individuals who choose to own and use firearms for self-defense purposes. It ensures safe and responsible firearm handling, proper marksmanship, and an understanding of the legal and ethical implications of using firearms. Firearms training teaches individuals how to operate firearms effectively, maintain control in high-pressure situations, and make accurate judgments about when to use deadly force. This training promotes both personal safety and the safety of others.

Overall Importance: Active shooter training, self-defense training, situational awareness training, and firearms training are crucial for everyone because they provide valuable skills and knowledge that can save lives. These training programs empower individuals to proactively protect themselves and others in potentially dangerous situations. They foster a sense of preparedness, confidence, and resilience, enabling individuals to respond effectively to threats and increase their personal safety. By investing in these training programs, individuals can gain the tools necessary to navigate today’s challenging and unpredictable world more confidently.

Providing self-defense for women using the spear system.

Importance of Situational Awareness Training for Women:

Situational awareness training holds particular significance for women due to unique safety considerations they may face in various environments. Here are some reasons why situational awareness training is crucial for women:

  1. Personal Safety
  2. Empowerment
  3. Prevention and Avoidance
  4. Empowerment
Women Self-defense training is very essential.

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