Be Careful What you Practice, You may get Really Good at the Wrong Thing!

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Be Careful What you Practice, You may get Really Good at the Wrong Thing!

I’m sure you’ve watched videos of real violence. Have you ever noticed this: Trained people rarely display the complex motor skills from their martial training; technique goes out of the window and if they survived they resorted to and reverted … Continue reading

Detect is the most important part of any Dangerous Situation

Defining Detect: The term “detect” generally means to discover or identify the presence or existence of something through observation, measurement, or other methods. It can refer to recognizing a wide range of things, from physical objects to abstract concepts like … Continue reading

Florida Woman Threatened To Gut Ex Like ‘A Deer’ Before Arrest In Lover’s Murder: Friend

FIRST ON FOX: A Florida woman threatened to slice her ex-boyfriend “like she was gutting a deer” two days before police say she murdered her new lover, the slain man’s friend told Fox News Digital. Brittany Holbrook, 33, allegedly shot Tyler … Continue reading

A woman was forced to use her firearm in self-defense after a man smashed her passenger-side window with a crowbar.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 22-year-old man was shot by a woman after he broke the window of her vehicle in University City with a crowbar, Philadelphia police said Wednesday. The shooting happened at the intersection of 30th and Chestnut Streets. … Continue reading

18 signs you’re a highly observant person

Do you find that you notice almost everything? This may seem normal to you, but it can actually be a sign that you’re more observant than most other people. Here’s how to tell if that’s the case. 1) You have … Continue reading

Hollywood May Tell You Differently, but Reality Includes These 12 Examples of Defensive Gun Use

Last month, the University of Southern California’s Hollywood, Health & Society Program published “Trigger Warning: Gun Guidelines for Media,” a series of recommendations for the entertainment industry on how it should portray firearms. Although some of these guidelines offer helpful … Continue reading