Be Careful What you Practice, You may get Really Good at the Wrong Thing!

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Help people understand how important situational awareness if for self-defense. Understanding what you need to look for and what to do. Understanding how to avoid and detect danger. Second, how to de-escalate and diffuse. Third, how to defend yourself.

Be Careful What you Practice, You may get Really Good at the Wrong Thing!

I’m sure you’ve watched videos of real violence. Have you ever noticed this: Trained people rarely display the complex motor skills from their martial training; technique goes out of the window and if they survived they resorted to and reverted … Continue reading

Detect-Avoid of Situational Awareness 1st Steps of Active Shooter Training

Detect and Avoid Strategies in Acitve Shooter Training The increasing frequency of active shooter incidents has necessitated the development of comprehensive training programs aimed at preparing individuals for such unfortunate events. This paper focuses on the “Detect and Avoid” strategies … Continue reading

Understanding the Basics of Self-Defense

Self-defense is a crucial skill that everyone should be familiar with to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. This edition aims to cover the fundamental concepts of self-defense, equipping individuals with the knowledge needed to enhance their personal safety. Understanding … Continue reading

Situational Awareness is so important in Self-defense.

Situational awareness in the context of self-defense refers to the ability to be aware of one’s surroundings and to recognize potential threats or dangers in order to avoid or respond to them effectively. It involves paying attention to one’s environment, … Continue reading